Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Just a little gift..."

I found this at our front door the other day:

Not knowing the address I opened it, seeing it was addressed to me:

I found a velvet black box in it with a card also addressed to me:

Opening it, I saw some scrawled words:

It was from my Grandpa Jack. :)

The velvet black box contained a couple costume piece jewelry. A gold looking ring with mock diamonds in it all around and a necklace and a pair of matching earrings! Neither of the pieces are my type of thing, but because what the card said and who they were from made them the most beautiful things my eyes ever beheld. I will wear them in honor of him. Those are the second thing my Grandpa has ever given me. :) Grandpa isn't an affectionate person. When I tell him I love him on the phone, he says "Uh-hu". So to get this made me cry. ♥

You see, my grandfather has Macular Degeneration so he is unable to see very well. He sees worse than he lets on, I believe. I'm not so sure he can even tell what we look like anymore...
That's why his handwriting is so bad. But after much careful study, I realized what the card said:

Just a little gift
to let you know
I think you are
a fine granddaughter.

Grandpa Jack"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Unknown Reason for the Results

November 4th has come and has gone. Some of us Americans are happy with the outcome of the Election, some dont care and some of us are greatly, utterly, sick and disappointed with it. If you read the post before this one, you will realize I'm not in favor of America's majority choice. I hoped and prayed for something different.

I voted for something different.

But I serve a great God and He has always been God and always will be. The President of the United States isn't going to change that. God also has a plan. Nothing goes unnoticed with Him. He knows all things and knew this was going to happen.
"We know that all things work for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28
That's one of my favorite verses... it's a promise verse.

Even though we who voted against this great change and decision dont know why things settled the way they did, God's going to use this somehow. The possible ways He could use this next four years are endless....
I know the Lord is going to use it to have me and my family cling tighter to His hand as we walk together because that's all we've got that holds promise. The promise of Romans 8:28.

I believe we will see the America we know now disintegrate over the next 4 years... I cringe as say this, but possibly 8 years too. But God doesn't forget His children!
If this isn't the outcome you desired and prayed for and voted for, try to keep your chin up. Easier said than done I know, but God gives us strength for the day if we so desire.

God bless you in the coming days as He uses this election to grow us.


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