Saturday, September 27, 2008

One Day To Give

Hey guys, saw this one someone's blog that I frequent. It's that lovely little green icon to the right with the yellow flower. Click on it to see the full story.

I loved the idea.

But as Christians we should be doing this constantly--- constantly giving of ourselves in the Lord's name for His glory.... and only for His glory.

But I thought this was neat that she should set aside a day to go out of our way to do something giving, thoughtful and kind.

Be blessed~

Friday, September 26, 2008

I Have A Job!

YAY! I'm excited!
After a few application submissions to different places, I am now at a wonderful place. The people at Stonewall Kitchen here in my town were the ones to say "yes" to me. I was elated.
I work in their Cafe portion. I LOVE IT. Today was actually just my second day, but day one I knew I loved it. For me personally, the people make or break the job. If I was doing something extremely boring, I would be fine with it if the people were friendly and kind and fun to be around. WELL. I got 10 of those!!!! Everyone who works in the Cafe is AMAZING. I seriously like these people. They are so patient with me too since I am new. That makes me feel not so much like the odd duck out.
So come someday and I'll serve you a Machiatto and a lovely blue cheese, pecan salad. :)
From different things I've heard from people, it's hard to find something you love as a source of employment, well I certainly lucked out. I look forward to every day I work--- I cant WAIT to go to work. I'm up super early and prepared just waiting in my blue hat, white collared shirt, tan pants and neat, black apron. :) I may be pathetic, but I enjoy it greatly and praise God for this wonderful provision. We prayed over each application submission that the door would either be closed or open. I was interviewed this past Monday and was asked to work the very next morning! It's so God and I'm very very pleased... not only for knowing that this is where I am to be now, but it's a joy to boot. :)

God is so good.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Today... Is A Beautiful Day

Today is very special to me.

Today is the day God chose to give me one of my friends. Not just any friend-- a truly amazing friend. I really cant explain who she is to me because first of all, it defies everything in our minds--- everything the makes sense. Because God moves and acts in ways our minds cant fully comprehend. Once we grasp that, it makes us realize how finite we are and how infinite He is.

This incredible girlfriend of mine and I share a very unique tie.

We're like the little kids on a playground who find someone their size and then holds hands the rest of the day--- there are no hindrances to their instant friendship. It's like they've known each other their whole lives.

We're like those silly girls you see roaming around the mall. Giggling and smiling like they have no cares in the world.

We're like confidantes to each other- telling our secrets without coming out and saying that that's exactly what they are. We just know we will be respectful enough to not share it with the world even if we weren't instructed to not do so.

We're like sisters. We love each other with a bond deep enough to entwine our lives forever. We care and hold each other up regardless of the circumstances. We come to each other with prayers-- we've cried together. And because we both share the same Father, we'll know each other forever. The joy that that brings to my heart is unexplainable.

Here's to another year, dear. Thanks for being my friend.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Today's Kitchen Adventure

Ok so today mom had me clean a thawed turkey, season it and put it in the oven while she was gone for the afternoon. No biggie right? Right.

WELL. I talked to mom about 2 hours into the cooking and asked what temperature the bird should be at when I stick the thermometer in it when it was cooked. She said 160. I thought that sounded a bit low, but hey, she's been doing this a lot longer than I have. I hung up and checked what the thermometer said and it read 'Poultry---190'.

"Well that's a bit different than what mom said!" Confused I checked the old fashioned thermo we had and it said 195. Buffudled I went to this new fangled oven thermometer that mom got dad for Christmas. It said 180 for poultry. Oookkkkaaaayyyy....... to the computer I went- "let's see what the up-to-date world thinks and does their poultry." Old trusty Google said several places (6) that it was to get to 165. I took it out at 165. We cut into it and dad was convinced that it was done. Good, I thought! I conquored the confusing battle!! But then when he went to carve it, he was disturbed at how it looked. So with ALLLLL the other side-dishes ready and table set, back in the oven the turkey went. :-P

It didn't come out so great.

I had four different temperatures from several sources. Oh brother. And a few degrees in the touchy world of poultry really does make a whole difference!

Not to confuse me or anything...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Was Tagged!

My lovely friend of the blog 'The Inept Aspirant' tagged me! That was a surprise to me when I went to her blog for my daily visit. Apparently, it's called a 'meme'.
"Huh?" I know. It's pronounced "meem". It's translated as an idea that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.

So there are rules and here they are:

1.) Write 5 specific things what blogging has done to you-- either nice or not so nice.

2.) Link back to the person who tagged you.

3.) Link to the parent host

4.) Tag some blogging buds

5.) Post these rules!

Seems easy enough... :) Here I go!

Mrs. G tagged me. And here is where this was started here!

1- Blogging has been a fun way to get things off my mind. As my mother once asked me "Isn't that what the old fashioned paper journals are for?" Yes and no as I told her. Somehow it's different in a good way.
2- I really like being able to see into other people's lives (I'm not stalking I promise!) and how they live and how they think. As I have discovered, God sure did create may different kinds of minds--- making for a colorful world!
3- With my #2 reason in mind, I can see how He has also blessed people with talents (like her and her and her! Plus general family life: This lady, This lady, This lady and This lady!)and such that I can gain from! I love learning, and what's better than from someone who has tried it first-hand instead of a stuffy old text book?
4- [rolling eyes] It's just something else I do on the computer-- I try to keep Internet activity to a minimum nowadays for family reasons, hence my posts arent that frequent. So along with email and facebook, it's another thing to add to the list that "calls" me online even when I am trying to not do very much.
5- I cant think of another one! It's encouraging, I guess I could say! To see that people may be going thru something I am, or thinking about something that has also been troubling my mind. It's something that screams "You're not the only one in this situation!"

Phew! There- now its my turn to tag!

My friend Miranda because I've known her forever and I think she could come up with good ones.

Miss Bethany because I love reading her blog and she's so sweet!

Miss Kate- she's an amazing women and I love her lots.

And last but not least, Miss Kim, fondly called Kimmer. :) She's incredibly thoughtful-

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Recent Read

I recently finished 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven' by Mitch Albom. I enjoyed it greatly. It was a sad but... fulfilling book. Reminder of the bitterness of a long life filled with unanswered questions and hatred. Sadly this man wasn't able to reconcile with some of the people he had a grudge with until the end--- or beyond.

This story shows the honorable passing of a lonely man and who he meets in heaven. The people he sits with and encounters have somehow greatly influenced the course of his life. And how his existence somehow influenced their fate. He, and sometimes them too, never knowing it at the time.

After the book was finished it showed me how lives are constantly being intertwined whether we like it or not, or know it. Somehow everything I have said and done influences someone else. I am not the only one blessed,
or harmed, by the things I do. It's not all about me.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Last Week's Lovely Surprise!

I know this is a late post but my week has been so crazy that I haven't been able to submit this.

Last Wednesday I got a call from my dear friend Kate and she asked with Miranda and I were going to be able to meet her for lunch about an hour away from us on Friday. I made some calls, asked mom and dad and POOF! we were able to!

I was very excited. She said she had a friend who hadn't seen the area and thought while showing her this amazing spot on the coast, we could meet her there for lunch also. Sounded great to me!

When we finally made it, no thanks to MapQuest, I see Miss Kate sitting patiently waiting. We got out of the car, exchanged hugs and were chatting while we walked to our table. There, cowering behind purses was my fantastic girl friend JEN!!! I have missed her so much since I first met her in person back @ Passion::Boston in October. HERE SHE WAS!

They said that my face was priceless... I've no idea, seeing that I cant see my face, but I sure saw her and I couldn't run fast enough to her or hug hard enough. It really did feel amazing to hug her again...
She's from Minnesota, mind you, so it's not like she makes it to Maine very often. So when you get two incredible ladies like Miss Kate and Lady Jen in one spot together, you get an UNFORGETTABLE lunch. :)

Miss Kate, Lady Jen, Me, Miranda!

I sure have amazing girl friends... thank you Lord for ALL of them.


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