Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Untitled Post

Stereotypes are sad. But human nature is somewhat predictable... so therefore stereotypes often are correct. Not always, I know, as I'm here to show you, but often very very close.

I started my job over a year ago. They have a very rigid dresscode and everyone must conform to a T.

So everyone looks one way at work and usually you only see them in your work enviroment, so they burn an image in your mind of how they look. The white chefs coats, the hats, the black aprons, the collared white shirts, tan pants, checkered pants, black shoes...

As it has been proved in private schools when kids and young adults have to have a uniform, walls are usually broken and everyone is no longer judged as much on appearence (to a very large degree, and exceptions noted). But you just tend to like them for who they are and not what they look like because, well, everyone looks pretty much the same.

Over the last couple months, we had a work meeting where everyone was present OUTSIDE of work. Wearing normal clothes. Being their normal selves.
To be honest, half of them I wouldn't recognize if I passed them in a grocery store or on the street.

Back to the issue of stereotypes:
Are you generally intimidated by how people look? Do you often avoid people because of their outward appearance?

Well at the meeting, I sat back, amidst the laughter, talking, jokes and instruction from my manager and was taught a very big lesson. Never should I judge someone by how they look. The saying "Dont judge a book by it's cover" rang in my mind, trust me. You're probably saying "Hannah, come on. That's like one of the simplest lessons in life". Yes, I guess it is. But only after I truly enjoyed and truly cared for my coworkers and realized how many paths of life and personality types we had on one team, is when it became real to me :)

I am privileged to know many wonderful people in my life and I count my coworkers, my cafe family, apart of that also.


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