Friday, September 5, 2008

Last Week's Lovely Surprise!

I know this is a late post but my week has been so crazy that I haven't been able to submit this.

Last Wednesday I got a call from my dear friend Kate and she asked with Miranda and I were going to be able to meet her for lunch about an hour away from us on Friday. I made some calls, asked mom and dad and POOF! we were able to!

I was very excited. She said she had a friend who hadn't seen the area and thought while showing her this amazing spot on the coast, we could meet her there for lunch also. Sounded great to me!

When we finally made it, no thanks to MapQuest, I see Miss Kate sitting patiently waiting. We got out of the car, exchanged hugs and were chatting while we walked to our table. There, cowering behind purses was my fantastic girl friend JEN!!! I have missed her so much since I first met her in person back @ Passion::Boston in October. HERE SHE WAS!

They said that my face was priceless... I've no idea, seeing that I cant see my face, but I sure saw her and I couldn't run fast enough to her or hug hard enough. It really did feel amazing to hug her again...
She's from Minnesota, mind you, so it's not like she makes it to Maine very often. So when you get two incredible ladies like Miss Kate and Lady Jen in one spot together, you get an UNFORGETTABLE lunch. :)

Miss Kate, Lady Jen, Me, Miranda!

I sure have amazing girl friends... thank you Lord for ALL of them.

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FanofGod said...

That was an awesome day! I am so glad I could be apart of it : )
♥ ♥ ♥
Love ya


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