Saturday, September 20, 2008

Today... Is A Beautiful Day

Today is very special to me.

Today is the day God chose to give me one of my friends. Not just any friend-- a truly amazing friend. I really cant explain who she is to me because first of all, it defies everything in our minds--- everything the makes sense. Because God moves and acts in ways our minds cant fully comprehend. Once we grasp that, it makes us realize how finite we are and how infinite He is.

This incredible girlfriend of mine and I share a very unique tie.

We're like the little kids on a playground who find someone their size and then holds hands the rest of the day--- there are no hindrances to their instant friendship. It's like they've known each other their whole lives.

We're like those silly girls you see roaming around the mall. Giggling and smiling like they have no cares in the world.

We're like confidantes to each other- telling our secrets without coming out and saying that that's exactly what they are. We just know we will be respectful enough to not share it with the world even if we weren't instructed to not do so.

We're like sisters. We love each other with a bond deep enough to entwine our lives forever. We care and hold each other up regardless of the circumstances. We come to each other with prayers-- we've cried together. And because we both share the same Father, we'll know each other forever. The joy that that brings to my heart is unexplainable.

Here's to another year, dear. Thanks for being my friend.

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AHighandNobleCalling said...

You are very blessed to have a friend like that!


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