Friday, September 19, 2008

Today's Kitchen Adventure

Ok so today mom had me clean a thawed turkey, season it and put it in the oven while she was gone for the afternoon. No biggie right? Right.

WELL. I talked to mom about 2 hours into the cooking and asked what temperature the bird should be at when I stick the thermometer in it when it was cooked. She said 160. I thought that sounded a bit low, but hey, she's been doing this a lot longer than I have. I hung up and checked what the thermometer said and it read 'Poultry---190'.

"Well that's a bit different than what mom said!" Confused I checked the old fashioned thermo we had and it said 195. Buffudled I went to this new fangled oven thermometer that mom got dad for Christmas. It said 180 for poultry. Oookkkkaaaayyyy....... to the computer I went- "let's see what the up-to-date world thinks and does their poultry." Old trusty Google said several places (6) that it was to get to 165. I took it out at 165. We cut into it and dad was convinced that it was done. Good, I thought! I conquored the confusing battle!! But then when he went to carve it, he was disturbed at how it looked. So with ALLLLL the other side-dishes ready and table set, back in the oven the turkey went. :-P

It didn't come out so great.

I had four different temperatures from several sources. Oh brother. And a few degrees in the touchy world of poultry really does make a whole difference!

Not to confuse me or anything...

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