Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Recent Scare

Yesterday our computer wouldn't turn on.

Well it would but it would just come to a black, dark, horrible screen with a gray blinking cursor.
That's never happened before.
I know there are certain symptoms (if you will) to different problems with a computer, and this one didn't look promising. In fact it was frightening.

Dad dared to mention "It may be a corrupted file... we may have to wipe the hard drive."


WHAT??!! The hard drive only holds the last 5 years of our entire LIVES!! Pictures and videos and word documents and files and schooling cds and hours of music file downloads and and and and!

Starring at that horrific, black lifeless screen yesterday morning when I got up made me sick. It gave me the feeling of death. Just knowing the last 5 years of memories and documentation was about 12 inches from my finger tips inside the dock of the computer and possibly not being able to retrieve them EVER made me sick. I cherish memories and that's a sensitive topic for me, so having the thought that I may have to witness it being scratched from existence rubbed me in a very bad, bad way.

Ready for some light? The computer miraculously turned on! How, we have no idea. But I guarantee you we aren't shutting it off until we get some stuff backed up.

The moral of this story? Spend about $49 for a year of service from Carbonite .
It's a service that is constantly backing your computer up electronically into their system. Therefore, if something dreadful happens, like your computer crashes, you can have some peace of mind! Sounds like a worth-while $49!

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