Friday, May 15, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

I was blessed today at work by a customer. Which, I'm sad to say, hardly ever happens.

I saw this very elderly gentleman waiting patiently in line for his turn to cash out. My station today happened to be the cash-out register. When he approached, I saw many, many wrinkles from life's long, hard road. Glasses covering squinting eyes and a shabby beard.

His smile was genuine though... which made his entire outward appearance seem flawless. He had a peaceful presence about him. A huge part of me when he approached wanted to walk around the counter and hug him, for which at the time I couldn't understand.

I am usually the first to talk when a customer comes to the counter. He however immediately greeted me with "How is your day going, Hannah?"

I replied that it was going well and asked him the same in return.

To which he said, "Every day to me is a gift... I treat it as though it was my last, because by all rights, I shouldn't be here now."

I stared with a puzzled look. "After my life saving kidney transplant, in which one of my children was the donor, life has taken on a whole new perspective."

I cant even remember what I said as we ended the transaction. All I know is that after he turned away, I remember blinking and wiping away a tear.


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