Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reward After Waiting

I recently bought a car! My beloved Subaru went to car heaven back in December, so since then, I've been looking for something else! It's taken me 4 months to FINALLY get this one.


Craigslist and I became pretty close friends. We knew each others thoughts after a while.
But he failed me. I had countless unanswered emails, phone calls that got cut off mid-sentence with the sellers, meeting with mean people to see cars and even scheduling to see cars and they sell RIGHT before I get there.
I decided to ditch my buddy, Craigslist and just wait. I threw my hands in the air and "Fine! I give up!"

In all seriousness, I felt God was telling me to hold on. To wait. I then believed that it was beyond me to find something (obviously!) so I left it to Him.
And He provided!

And I'll give you a hint: He did not use Craigslist :)

He used a sweet, kindred-spirited, honest, elderly gentleman to sell me the car.
The transaction was smooth. I wrote a check and I had such a peace. Exhaling with relief, I relaxed and looked at what God gave me :) Even the make/brand I secretly wanted!

I'm a little too lazy to take a picture of my actual car but this looks JUST like it-- my Volkswagon Jetta.

When He provides, it's truly wonderful :)


Michelle said...

God is so good! Congratulations, Hannah!

Amber said...

Very nice! God always comes through for us, doesn't He! :)

Stephanie said...

OOPs for some reason my computer was logged into Amber's account!

brightlight08 said...

Sweet ride! It's amazing how the Father works! I'm glad you're loving the new car!



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