Thursday, August 14, 2008

Depressed. But We Did See a Purple Mushroom

So after a couple months of having my friend's amazing camera, we went outside to take some graduation pictures (which is why we borrowed it). But today's pictures came out HORRIBLE. Actually there isn't a word low enough to describe these.... much less how I feel at the moment. Depressed is an understatement.
When we actually have time to take pictures, it's overcast--- while hiking thru the woods it started to rain! That means mosquitoes are gonna come out and out they did. My legs and arms and face and neck and and and! are covered with itchy bites. Plus Johnny HAD to go to this certain spot and didn't tell me how far it was. So hiking is pretty much what we did and that irritated me greatly. Why? Because I had spent 15 minutes using a flat iron on my hair and then sweating like that defeated it completely.

The only thing remotely close to good that came out of today's time was we saw a cool mushroom. I've never seen a purple mushroom before today!

Today's been horrible. Despite the fact of my earlier attempts of trying to make it great---with the listing 3 great things.
I'm looking forward to Verlin's visit tonight-- that's at least something I can count on.

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FanofGod said...

THAT MUSHROOM IS GNARLY LOL Sry that's my new word for everything cool even though mom says "gnarly" should only be said by surfers when you are saying a wave is big hahahaha
but again i say that mushroom is gnarly!!! pretty awesome!


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