Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday @ the Farmer's Market

Today was SO fun at the Farmer's Market! It's called Gateway Farmer's Market-- It's right here in York. I love it because there are so many local businesses/farms and you get a real sense of community.

This is what I bought:
This Apricot-Peach tea from Portsmouth Tea Co. which I am currently sipping ice cold now! It's aaammaaaaazzzzinnnngggggg. I wish you could smell the sweetness of the peach and the robust apricot.

I also got one of my recent must-have-stand bys:
Hubba Hubba Foods 'Chow Bambino'

I've recently run into many recipes that need Italian bread crumbs and I've got plain on the shelf. SO. My brilliant mind remembered our large stash of Hubba Hubba products! It's been fantastic. Dad love their rub for steaks called 'Java Jerk'. He loves it so much that the owners dubbed him 'Java Steve'. lol.

Stevie of course had to get his favorite, well known cinnamon rolls from Borealis Breads from here in Wells, Maine:

Does look good huh?

Mom got some b-e-a-u-tiful flowers from a farm here locally. They just BEAM. I've never seen a flower like this!!!

The picture doesn't do it justice.

Then the last thing we bought was a loaf of bread from When Pigs Fly Bread Co. here in York.
It was GOOD. It was cranberry, brown sugar, pistachio, orange bread. In the words of Rachel Ray "YUM-O". :)

This Saturday has been pretty great!

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AHighandNobleCalling said...

Hello Hannah! I was surprised to see you comment on my blog! I love that you have one too!

I'll be sure to read it daily :)


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