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I'm so excited. I cant wait for this in two months. But the two months will come soon enough I guess. Gives me something really great to look forward to.

Not familiar with TeenPact? It's a Christian organization that "turns students into statesmen". You spend 4 days at the Capitol of your state and learn everything about it. You learn what goes on there on a daily basis and everything. You learn all about government and how it works and operates. The experience is incredible. I went last year with my brother (and many other friends) and pretty much was kicking all the way there and then was plopped on the Capitol steps. But on the last day I found myself in tears because of not wanting it to end!

It touched me in ways I didn't think could happen. Or at least didn't think this thing that my mother wanted me to go to called TeenPact would do this. It opened my eyes in a couple aspects: personally and academically.

1.) (Academically) It opened my eyes to everything that goes on in government. That's kind of a candid statement. Up until that point last year, I had rough idea about government, the Capitol and voting and electing etc etc.

Judicial? Is that some sort of religious follower?

A lobbyist? Someone who works at the front desk of a fancy hotel?

A bill? Oh I know what that is! It tells you how much money you owe for your electric.

Yeah... sad huh? I mean I had a rough idea like I said. Enough to know about the Constitution and laws and Senators and Presidents, but what about the small things in between? Nope. It changed my whole aspect for everything political. I realized, from the different experiences and things at TeenPact, how easy it is to really become involved in you so chose. Heck, we (as a group of 30 or so kids) caused a ruckus in the Capitol just by taking a survey. (We were banned from all rooms and confined to that hallways) That is a story in itself.

But honestly, it perked my interest greatly and my knowledge soared. Then and since then. Now if I hear or read about something, I actually know what they are talking about!

2.) (Personally) It made me realize how much I really was in a box. I had an extreme comfort-zone. Actually it slapped me in the face very, very hard. With everything TeenPact had us do as students, it made me LEAP from my comfort-zone. Well actually my zone was snagged away from me and I was left there. That was a really really good thing. Now I know that I can do things that make me uncomfortable and I will survive. I will come out a bigger person after.

Now this year Johnny and I are going back as Alumni. AND we will be lodging with all the students, where as last year we commuted. The experience will be altogether different. As Alumni the homework is a bit more challenging and the things we actually do apart from the first-timers is different. Staying at the camp THRILLS me. It was quite a bit more money for that factor, but I weighed out the meaning and the benefits and thought it a good investment. It will give the students a chance to mingle apart from being dressed in business suits and heels and being consumed with activities at the Capitol. To have the chance to talk with the incredible staff members and then have time to spend together as groups of guys and girls in the evenings will be great.

I'm diving into the pre-class homework and tackling it and looking forward to the reward it holds in April.

Me holding my TeenPact Registration receipt.

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