Saturday, October 31, 2009

Staying Sickness-Free

I work in a very public place and I'm so aware of keeping my hands and things around me clean. More conscience of it than ever, I believe. Here are somethings I'm putting into practice, hoping for the best!

-Drink lots of water. Keeping hydrated flushes things out of your system.

-Vitamin C is essential. Whether in tablets or thru orange juice. It is a water-soluble vitamin so you really can't dangerously O.D. on it... you body can only retain and use a certain percentage a day, so it will flush the rest.

-Echinacea. Another preventative vitamin. Available in teas or suppliments.

-Wash hands frequently. Sanitizer is handy, but have old-fashioned soap and water as first choice. You do need some germs to keep your immune system up, so killing 99.9% like the sanitizer claims, really isn't good ALL the time.

-Eat lemons also along with oranges. Citrus has the vitamin C. Put it in your echinacea tea!

-As a general rule, keep hands away from your face.

-Eat honey! Preferably raw because the enzymes haven't been zapped. But regular honey is better than nothing. It contains the enzymes the builds your immune system.
Put it in your echinacea tea with the lemon ;) :-P

-Keep active! Sedentary habits aren't good. Keeping active and strong helps reduce the risk of letting a "bug" you may have picked up from festering.

-If you don't think you're giving your body the defense it needs, try Airborne or Emergen-C! They do the job wonderfully! And in short order! ;)

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