Thursday, August 21, 2008

Belated Birthday Befuddlement!!

Ok. So I went into my beloved Vera Bradley
bag yesterday to get this sack of Sugar Free Life Savers that I had found in my bag a few weeks before. I noticed this bag of Life Savers in there like I said a while ago, but didn't really pick it up or give it a second thought... to be honest, my bag is pretty much everyone in my family's bag! If they dont want to hold something, I find it in there. :-P So I thought mom had purchased or got this bag of Life Savers somewhere and just tossed it in there. I forgot to mention it to her or anyone. So subconsciously I knew it was there---
But before art class yesterday I said to myself "Hey, let me go get those Life Savers and share them with the class while we paint!"
I picked it up and saw a mint fall out, but didn't pay any attention. I noticed in feeling the bag that there was something big and hard in it! That intrigued me so I ripped the bag from the top and then all the mints fell thru the bottom leaving it empty--- but not completely. :) I saw the corner of a black plastic thing! I pulled it out to see it was a $25 iTunes gift card that said "Happy Birthday" on it!!!!!!!

I. WAS. SHOCKED. When I thought about the falling mints I looked and saw that someone had slightly opened the bottom to shove the gift card in the bag...
I was in a tizzy allll yesterday and still today even! It's going to bug me... I am not good with surprises. I really am not! I'll try everything possible to find something out if I know for a fact that some one's keeping something from me! lol. Isn't that horrible? lol. It's a downfall of mine. But still, I'm not easily surprised... SO I seriously need to know who did this. If it's you, come clean right now. lol. I want to pay gratitude where gratitude is due-- I feel like I have unfinished business. I want to tell this person 'thank you' very sincerely because I appreciate it so very much.


AHighandNobleCalling said...

That would drive me bonkers too! A nice thing to do though, isn't it.

I had to laugh about your bag being the family bag. I am always handing Amber things to hold for my cell phone that I ALWAYS lose!

Anonymous said...

The gift was from me.... : )


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